About Us

Welcome to the MaxStretcher website. MaxStretcher is a brand name of Nekel.nu Handelsonderneming from Amsterdam. We have been selling MaxStretch stretch film for 12 years. MaxStretch is a high performance stretch film. This means that the molecules of the MaxStretch film are arranged in the film in a unique way. Thanks to this feature, MaxStretch bundles much better around the pallet than normal stretch film. This allows you to use MaxStretch in a thinner quality with a better result than normal stretch film.

We have developed the MaxStretcher to make MaxStretch even easier to process. This dispenser gives MaxStretch exactly the right pre-stretch to bundle the pallets easily and well. The use of the MaxStretcher makes the wrapping of a pallet a real pleasure. No more bending and stretching and no more raw fingers from wrapping.

The MaxStretcher is only sold with MaxStretch stretch film. Look on our website for a dealer in your area and request a demonstration with the MaxStretcher. We are convinced that the MaxStretcher is currently the best pallet foil dispenser on the market.

In the future, we want to develop more devices that make it easier to wrap pallets and thereby optimize bundling.