MaxStretcher-XM adapter

With the MaxStretcher-XM and MaxStretch stretch film you have a good combination to turn your pallet wrapping machine into a mechanical power stretch machine.

MaxStretch stretch film is a high performance, thinner stretch film, with a much better bundle strength than normal pallet wrap film. This means that with thinner MaxStretch you can get the same bundling and stabilization of your pallets with less consumption of packaging material and much less effort. MaxStretch offers optimum bundling and has a silent processing.

The MaxStretcher-XM has been developed for processing MaxStretch pallet foil on a simple pallet wrapping machine. This adapter can only be used with pallet wrappers without a driven pre-stretching system (power-prestretch). The MaxStretcher-XM stretches the foil between 2 rolls, so that the foil bundles the pallet optimally when wrapping your pallet. The MaxStretcher-XM is a mechanical prestretcher. The film is pre-stretched before the film is wrapped around the pallet. This gives a much less chance of tearing the film and all pallets are wrapped in the same quality. Depending on the weight of the pallet and the load during transport you can use the MaxStretcher-XM with MaxStretch Strong or MaxStretch Xtreme. MaxStretch black can also be used on the MaxStretcher-XM. Savings up to 50% on the foil weight are no exception!

When you consider that the Waste Management Contribution Packaging for plastic film for large consumers is € 0.64 per kilogram, the conclusion is simple: the MaxStretcher-XM in combination with the use of MaxStretch saves you money!

Advantages of the MaxStretcher-XM:

  • Handy adapter that is mounted on the foil cart of your pallet wrapper.
  • Specially made for MaxStretch stretch film.
  • Substantially less film consumption and excellent bundling. Save up to 50% on foil use!
  • Each pallet is bundled equally. This provides security for transport.
  • Ergonomically thought out. The MaxStretcher-XM is mounted on your own machine.
  • Change foil very easily. -Contributes to better road safety.
  • Suitable for all types of pallet loads, thanks to multiple film thicknesses.

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