The MaxStretcher, fast, simple, great results

Since the introduction of the European EUMOS 40509 policy in May 2018, not only the shipment agency, but also the company that delivers the pallets for transport, are responsible for the cargo’s security. Each company in the chain of transportation now is accountable in case the safety requirements are not met. These companies therefore rely on proper wrapping material and equipment to guarantee and optimize safe transportation.

The MaxStretcher together with MaxStretch wrapping foil offers a great combination to properly secure goods when manually winding a pallet. MaxStretch foil, a high performance, thin stretch wrapping foil, offers better bundle properties in comparison to regular wrapping foils. This thin foil provides the same bundle strength and pallet stabilisation with a lot less material. It offers easy and soundless handling and provides an optimal wrapping. To apply the MaxStretch wrapping foil, the MaxStretcher was developed.

The MaxStretcher optimally pre stretches the foil between two rolls, such that an optimal pallet winding is guaranteed. Depending on the weight of the pallet and stress on the pallet during transport, the MaxStretcher is compatible with MaxStretch Ulti-Max, MaxStretch Strong, MaxStretch Xtreme and MaxStretch Black wrapping foil. MaxStretch wrapping foil together with the MaxStretcher results in a manual wrapping that cannot be distinguished from an automated wrapping process.

Advantages of the MaxStretcher

  • Fastest way to properly manually wrap pallets
  • Especially designed for MaxStretch wrapping foil
  • Substantial reduction of material usage and excellent wrapping results
  • Wrapping results are independent of the applicator: constant wrapping quality guaranteed
  • Ergonomic design
  • Both clockwise and counter clockwise winding direction supported
  • Easy replacement of winding foil
  • Suited for all kinds of pallet loads, due to the large compatible MaxStretch wrapping foil range
  • Adds to improved transport security

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